Dec 22, 2011

Horrible Looking Gi's: Jiu Jitsu's Ugly Ducklings

I love looking for gi's, I am always looking for the best cut, fit, style, color..etc

In my interweb travels I come across some pretty hideous examples of when jiu jitsu companies try and go out on a limb...Below are some of the more notorious examples...

Enjoy the ridiculousness...

 What the hell is this thing? I can't think of anything this ugly...OH wait, yes I can... there all below... :)

Guns on the sleeves?
"Tap me out and I'll bust a cap in your ass!!"

Finally, a gi perfect for the snow-trooper on your list. If a high mountain tactical assault breaks out AND you have to go to BJJ right afterwards, this gi has you covered.

If you leave your sweaty gi in the trunk of your car in the hot sun, It will turn the same colors as the one on the far left... True story.

Kung Fu movie prop? Must have fallen off of the wardrobe truck.

 Avengers Assemble!!
Lightening bolts for the superhero of your dojo. Watch out! cause they increase your Jitz skillz by 34%

 For all you heartburn sufferers, there Pepto in convenient Gi form

 It kinda reminds me of having the giant dog from "The Never Ending Story" there to guard your back....

 Do you think you would show up to your first class (with a freshly tied white belt on) in this? Do you think a second class would be in your future?

 I love jiu jitsu as much as anyone else, but come-on!... who wears a GIANT leg patch that says "Brazil Jiu Jitsu" on it?
You know what this gi needs?.... More patches!!

Jiu Jitsu Gi: The Ed Hardy edition... I save my tattoos for where they belong... on my skin..

 What Big Bird rolls in..

 Skull with a phantom of the opera mask on top of a bunch of druid symbols right out of Stonehenge?
This Gi has it all...

The "Good Luck" Gi.... I smell a Lucky Gi lawsuit in the works

Not a gi... I know... But come on....look at that thing. You can tell by expression on the guys face that when they were choosing who had to model this piece of crap...he drew the short straw

Not sure why all the weapons on gi's these days... I don't want knives, guns, bombs, tanks, or aircraft anywhere near my gi.. 

On the mats you are either a lion...or a zebra.
Which one do you think you look like in this gi?

 And finally, the best for last....
A 100% denim gi for the rocker in all of us, (fingerless leather gloves sold separately)
Come-on, jeans for the bottoms and a jean jacket for the top.... This is the greatest thing you will see today!

I hope you threw up several times while reading this, or possibly found the gi of your dreams. Either way, in life there is nothing wrong with going out on a limb, however in fashion, it is a definite no-no...



  1. Mike order me a denim gi, I love the.....look


  2. love the list lmao! but i must defend my yellow vulkan. My favorite but I never wear it to visiting gyms. No one will roll light with someone wearing a flourescent colored gi

  3. I'd wear the blk'n white ones if the pants were solid blk or white....moreso the blk.

  4. I'd wear the blk one if the pants were solid....pref the blk.

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