About Me

I am a blue belt, in my thirties, in Mississauga, ON, Canada.

You can reach me at lifevsjiujitsu@gmail(dot)com or via Twitter @LifevsJiuJitsu

I train here.

Like any other Jiu Jitsu addict, I want to train as much as I can. The only limiting factor is....well...Life. Life is always getting in the way of my Jiu Jitsu, or is Jiu Jitsu always getting in the way of my life? Either way, I hope to keep a balance between both.
You came across me at a interesting time in my life, everything is going great. I have my health, an awesome girl, a healthy baby, and I have found my passion... I'll try not to screw this up...

I never really had a hobby I could consider "long term". Generally, I would get into something for a few weeks or months and then slowly lose interest. Jiu Jitsu is different. Since starting, it has changed my health and fitness levels, but more importantly it has forced me to address some emotional and mental aspects of myself. It has shown me to believe in myself, to stick with something through the good and the bad, and has helped to form extremely tight bonds with people. There is something about invading a strangers personal space in the name of sport, that quickly bonds the two of you as friends.

I want to use this outlet to express some of my journey along the way. I have removed all the ads, and receive no financial support from anyone for this blog, so any and all of the views and opinions are mine...and mine alone.


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  2. Really great blog. Keep up the good work!

    - Rikki Rockett