Jun 8, 2012

RCJ Machado Photo History

I hope you find these pics of the Machado brothers as interesting as I do... They are by no means an exhaustive record, but  this humble blog post will hopefully document some of it.

The Machado Story

Working out back in 1992

Machado Brother Photos

5 Black Belt Brothers

The iconic "Machado patch" on the gi


Back In Brazil...

With the Grandmasters, Carlos and Helio
Note: Renzo Gracie..4th from left bottom row

With the Grandmasters 
John with Grandmaster Carlos
With their cousins the Gracies
Jean Jacques and Rickson
Carlos and Rigan with Carlos Gracie Jr in the grey T-shirt

Rigan Machado


Early Days In America...

Rickson, Royce, Rigan

Jean Jacques, Rigan, Carlos

Carlos and Royce

Chuck Norris and the Machados

Chuck and the five brothers

5 Brothers

Jean Jacques Machado's Coral belt ceremony. Note:  Brother John Machado, Dan Inosanto, Rickson Gracie and Kron Gracie 

Grandmaster Carlos and Jean Jacques Machado

The five brother and Shihan Vito Brancaccio
Roger Gracie and Rigan Macha
Joe Rogan and Jean Jacques Machado


JJ Machado defeats Fabio Santos 1996 (The Ground Never Misses)
John Will (The Ground Never Misses)

The Following  nine photo's are from Professor Jean Jacques Machado's Website


Jean Jacques Machado with Ricardo De La Riva

Jean Jacques Machado with Guru Dan Inosanto

John Machado
John Machado and Master Carlson Gracie

Professor John Machado and actor Chiwetel Ejiofor from "Redbelt"
Professor John Machado and actor Ricky Jay from "Redbelt"

  UPDATE....These next 9 photos are from William Vandry's Website

Carlos and John Machado with William Vandry

Carlos Machado and William Vandry actor Bob Wall in back Chuck Norris 1996 UFAF

Carlos Machado, William Vandry, John Machado

Rigan Machado, William Vandry and Joe Moreira at Rickson invitational 1996

Jean Jacques Machado defeats Fabio Santos in Superfight at Rickson Invitational 1996

Carlos and Jean Jacques in John Machado’s corner for superfight
Rigan Machado (far left) and Rickson Gracie (far right)

Roger Machado with William Vandry

UPDATE.... with some flyers, camp posters, book and magazine covers

Hope you enjoyed that......


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