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 My review "philosophy" is to write an exhaustive review, liberally sprinkled with large detailed shots. I believe that some gi's look good from far, but are "far from good". It is only when I really turn up the microscope that we separate the "wheat from the chaff" A quality gi will shine, time and time again.
I was/am dissatisfied with the current reviews on BJJ products, which is the reason for tackling it myself.

I cover all the details I know I would want to see in a review. Gi's are expensive, and there are so many choices. How can you be sure your getting the one that meets your criteria? Simple, click below and check out my in depth review. I feel it is as close as you are gonna get to inspecting it, without physically having it in your hands.

Check out the reviews I have done below, If you would like a review done on your product, hit me up via my "About Me" page.

For those that think I review stuff for a "free gi", that's a pic of only half my gi closet.. :)
Eosin Panther "Deluxe" BJJ Belt:UPDATE 

Eosin Panther "Deluxe" BJJ Belt

2011 Gorilla Fight Gear "Hitman" 100% Ripstop Ultralight Gi

War "Dark Blue" BJJ Belt

2012 Gorilla Fight Gear "Apeman" Crystal Weave Gi

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