Jun 8, 2012

Jean Jacques Machado Interview and Technique

Professor Machado recently came by our school for a seminar (my 4th JJ Machado Seminar...where does the time go?) While he was there he spent some time with Matt and David from Jits magazine giving them an interview about his philosophy on Jiu Jitsu, progression of the students in Canada, and an interesting sweep-to-crucifix when someone is passing your guard...

But first... the seminar photos (faces blurred out of respect for peoples privacy)

The Seminar Begins

Congrats Shihan for a stripe on your Black Belt

I get to be the "Uke"

"The Three Musketeers"

King of the Mountain

Professor Machado goes over our technique questions one by one.
All-in-all a great seminar thanks to Shihan at ACMA for bringing him in, and thanks to Jesslyn for taking these awesome pics (check out her photo blog)

Here are the interviews from Jits magazine

Interview Part 1

Interview Part 2

 Sweep to Crucifix

Thanks for reading and checking this out


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