Aug 7, 2012

2012 RCJ Machado CAMP

This years annual Machado Camp is in the greater Dallas area on October 26, 27, 28th

 I didn't get a chance last year to go as I had a scheduling conflict with work (I was in Vegas for our industries trade show.). Our instructor and a handful of teammates went down to support and learn from all five brothers. They all came back looking inspired, more dedicated, and full of new techniques that they subsequently used on me

Check out some of the other "RCJ Camp" posters in my post on the Machado Photo History
As it was explained to me by a close friend who attended last year, "Each brother is slightly different in their philosophy, focus and "main goal" when it comes to their respective BJJ games". "As the seminar progressed, the five brothers different strengths complimented each other, and provided slightly different perspectives on each technique". I equate what he was saying to the old adage "Five fingers individually, are never as strong as when they work together and form a fist".

The Machado family has a Facebook page set up to help promote the event. "Like" their page to help get this opportunity out to everyone. 

Being able to learn from a group of five world renowned BJJ masters, who are willing to share their insight in BJJ is a pretty special event. I know Jake over at "The Ground Never Misses" is completely stoked

Even with the new baby, and the fact that Jesslyn's birthday is the day before, I will still do everything in my power to attend.

I hope to see you there.

The Details:
Held at RCJ Machado Dallas
4887 Alpha Rd. Ste.#270
Farmers Branch, TX. 75244
For more information, or to register via phone contact MeganThompson at:

$499 Advanced Registration
$599 Week of Camp
Single Day Attendance is Available as well, please call!
Open To All Levels & Belts, 
One Thing Is Asked;
Leave Your Ego At The Door!

Unheard of access to all five brothers who will be sharing the latest techniques and submissions with the following training schedule as well as special dinner with the family.

October 26 (Fri): 9am - 12noon
                            2pm - 5pm
October 27 (Sat): 9am - 12noon
                            2pm - 5pm
October 28 (Sun): 9am - 12noon

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