Nov 6, 2012

Jiu Jitsu Changes Lives...

Before I started BJJ, I was on the wrong path. I smoked, I drank heavily, and I was out of shape.

I was recently looking over photo's of a Jean Jacques Machado seminar that Jesslyn and I attended when we were both white belts. I was shocked to see an old photo of me and how soft around the middle I was.

Now fast forward to the Machado Camp last week, and I had the opportunity to take another photo with Professor Jean Jacques Machado.

I think the results of two years of BJJ are undeniable!

(Also, thanks to Jesslyn for teaching me how to smile!).


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  2. What an improvement! Brazilian Jiu Jitsu truly is life-changing. Not only is it beneficial with your physical health, but it is also with your mental health. Mainly, it teaches you how to focus and have self-discipline. I have tried this sport before, and I learned a few tricks in self-defense, as well.

    Hugh Motz
    3299 ntsumi