May 24, 2013

New Road...Diet...Exercise...Flexibility...And BJJ

Since I have changed direction in my BJJ journey, I want to outline a new set of goals and strategies. I should start with Diet


I have always thought of slipping into laziness as one big slide. Something that has large clear signs to watch out for. In reality, I find that my fitness progress slides to a standstill much more deceptively. Laziness becomes a warm blanket I wrap myself in. It becomes easily acceptable to take the easy way out and NOT do any kettlebell swings, or run, or sweat. It is only after realizing that it has been a few weeks since I wrapped my hand around a bell, or did a decent push-up that I recoil in horror..

Did....did I...just completely fall off the wagon (or "on"... I can never remember which one it is)?

What happened? When did I accept my old diet back into my life?.. Gooey, cheesy, pizza three times this month? WTF?

No more......... NO MORE.... I WILL get back to my diet "winning ways".. this has only been a small hiccup in an otherwise great weight loss process.

Salads for lunch, portion control, Home cooked food, controlled fasting, all easily obtainable and repeatable goals... I feel better emotionally, spiritually, and mentally when I control my diet.


Exercise has definitely been lacking in my life. When I have a hard rolling session, I wake up the next day weak and tired... definitely not where I was 6 months ago. To fix that, I will do:
  • 10 min Kettlebells after class Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
  • 20 min Kettlebells at home Monday, Wednesday and Friday
  • Sunday is rest day.
  • I will take the stairs at every opportunity 
  • I will walk around the block after lunch each workday
  • Protein shake each night 30 mins before bed


I have also not met my flexability goals.. I heard somewhere that being flexible takes just as much effort as building large muscles..
  • Morning stretches before getting in the shower to loosen tight areas.
  • Use the back roller to stretch out my back
  • Occasional Bikram yoga
  • Use the stability ball


My game is lacking in several area's and I have allowed the dexterity in my legs to become my sole focus on skill improvement. This needs to change, as it is providing diminishing returns
  • I will focus on a more offensive game and stop "flopping" on my back. This is my ego in disguise. If I start in that position and I get tapped,  I can mentally say "Well you started in a bad position so it doesn't really count.
  • Flopping on my back, also sets the tone of "I am going to defend instead of attack".
  • I will write down the lessons and key points I like... too often I think I will remember and do not..
  • I will be a better student. I will listen better, and stop being "defensive" in my learning. I will follow "Learning to Learn's" advice.
  • I will loosen up... Jiu jitsu is fun. 

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