Oct 6, 2011

Class: Wednesday October 5th 2011

Class: Half Guard

I love and hate half guard. I hate it cause I suck at it, and I love it cause it is one of the area's I need to work on and therefore have the most room to improve.

The warm up (done by the Rabbi) was brutal. Running, sprawling, planking, rolling, shrimping....bleeccchhh
If I wasnt so out of shape, these warm ups would be easy :)

The class was a clinic on hips, sweeps from half guard, and arm-bar's-a-plenty. I noticed a fundamental rule to hip sweeps from the HG....It seems you must be in an underhook position so you can shrimp out and roll your opponent for the sweep.
Our second technique involved our opponent pushing into you and using their momentum (and timing) to lift your legs and roll  them. When their holding your upper body down, your legs are free enough to help lift them when their momentum is right. With the timing right, it is super easy to send the sailing over your head. make sure to keep your hand on their hip to help with the push :)

My roll last night with Alan was eye opening... He helped me with my timing and patience. In the last month, I have felt like I'm working 105% to control and hold down my opponent. I have no more effort to give. I'm maxed out. Alan showed me to escape while your opponent is in transition, rest and wait until the right moment. and to explode without hesitation. With this new take on my game, I found it has opened a new door, and perspective. I am quite sure I will need to be reminded of it again, but for now, what he showed me.. it is at the forefront of my thoughts....


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