Oct 6, 2011


   For the past month, I have been getting my ass handed to me by everyone, and I feel as though I get worse with each passing day. Frustration has a firm grip on me. I decided to do some reading to see if there was anyone who was dealing with the same feelings and came across large resources of people battling their way through it. As I found out,I seem to have found myself stuck in a plateau.
   The dreaded plateau is a game killer, it means I have become lazy and complacent with my jiu jitsu. Where once, I was fresh and trying new things, now has been replaced with routine and predictability. No wonder everyone I roll with has my number...its the same number from last class! (and the class before it)

I vow to break the cycle and try something new(this blog is an extension of that). One of my (many) weak points is my ever growing list of jiu jitsu techniques to practice. for each one I get the opportunity to drill, I feel there is 3 added to the list. It has become quite a long list very quickly. I was given a piece of advice by a friend  last night during Jiu Jitsu. He said to help retain the class techniques, I should visualize each technique in my "mind's gym" during my day. It also helps to write down each technique as best you remember, to help it stick. That way, at the very least you can remember the steps and moves THEN try and commit it to muscle memory... We'll see how it works..:)

Keep you posted...


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  1. Hey mike....i felt the same pain until my instructor told me that it's a long process that takes patience he told me to learn 2 moves at a time....master them then learn 2 more etc etc....i found out that nobody jumped up a champion in a short period of time. Sure i wanted to keep up & be on level with everyone else but hard work & patience will get u there and evrn further.