Oct 7, 2011

Ego And Shades Of Grey

I am an ego-maniac. Ego is what propels me in my sales job. It's what causes me to drive like I'm in the Indy 500. It has hurt relationships in my life, and complimented others. Ego is part of the reason someone starts a blog.....or maybe that's narcissism? ..:)

Ego I'm finding, is a double edged sword in Jiu Jitsu. "Leave your ego at the door" is a common phrase I hear all the time. But, ego is what made me come through the door in the first place. Without my neanderthal desire to impose my will over another, what is my motivation to do Jiu Jitsu? Exercise? There are far easier ways to lose your beer gut than rolling around at a  pajama party. So, when do I need it and when do I leave it?

I think that the issue of ego is not so black and white, but a dismal shade of grey. I need enough ego to force myself through the dojo door in the middle of snowy January, but not so much that it stops me from trying new things.

There's that word again.... "Balance"



  1. Thank you for the comments on blog post on the Part Time Grappler Edy :)

    I like the honesty that shines thru your post here. I hope the ones I write about the ego tickle you and your readers :)

  2. As with so many issues, it comes down to semantics. I would argue that ego STOPS people coming through the door, because they're scared of 'losing'. Depends on your definition of 'ego', so I'll be interested to see how Liam defines it in his upcoming posts. :)

    My motivation to do jiu jitsu is mainly down to two things:

    1. Fitness. You could argue that is about ego, as it links in to vanity, but I don't think narcissism and ego are the same thing. Also, being healthy isn't necessarily vain. ;)

    2. Fun. I enjoy exploring technique, as BJJ is an endlessly intricate web of counter and recounter, bound up with minute details of leverage, pressure and balance.

    Also, as somebody who likes research, the historical and social side of BJJ means it's fun even when I'm not on the mat. :D