Dec 22, 2011

Baby + Blue

Sorry about my "radio silence" Life is getting in the way again....

Two hugely exciting things have happened since my last post

1) I got my blue belt
2) Easily trumping the first one -"we"are pregnant!!

I received my blue from Shihan (and Eric Paulson) on December 11th 2011,  I was stoked, partly for the accomplishment, partly because I was glad to get rid of that Gameness White-belt that-never-stayed-tied-once.

An exciting end to an exciting year. Both roads ahead are scary and not well lit, but I will persevere.

Enjoy the pics



  1. Congrats! Pretty cool to get it from Erik Paulson: your instructor is affiliated to him, presumably?

    Also, am I right in assuming you say 'shihan' because you have a background in a more formal Japanese style, or does your instructor actually tell you to call him that? :)

  2. Erik is a Rigan Machado blackbelt, so he's in the machado family...

    And yes "Shihan" is a Shihan in Karate... it was how he was introduced to me.

    Thanks for the congrats!