Dec 22, 2011

Heart, Health and Indulgence

I went for a physical at the doctors the other day. During the exam he put through a ECG (electrocardiogram) Being only 32, I naturally expected everything to be normal and fine. This wasn't the case.

He politely told me I have atrial fibrillation, which is common form of irregular heartbeat. This shocked the hell out of me. "Why?" I asked. "I had a ECG a few years ago, and there was nothing?". He said "Do you do any heavy exercise?". I told him about my small Jiu Jitsu habit. "Hmmmmm" he said. "Lets run some tests".

So, 14 days later, I have twice daily recorded my heart beat into a monitor. I got the call today to go in and see him sometime in the next week or so. "It is nothing urgent" is what the receptionist said...

I have done some careful reading on the subject, and found there may be a link between holding your breath with exertion and developing an irregular heartbeat.. I may be almost subconsciously holding my breath while I upa, base, or any other countless position where I exert myself during rolling....

I thought Jiu Jitsu was good for your health?

update when I find out....


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  1. Hey bro, I feel ur frustration. I'm only 34 and I also have a-fib. I've stopped the jits ever since my last episode. I'm considering catheter ablation. I think I read UFC fighter Mike Swick had this procedure done and he fought many fights after.