Jan 9, 2012

Frustrations Buying An Isami

Buying a gi is bullshit... The amount of time I have spent trying to figure out the proper sizing for my body shape is frustrating. How can any company selling "clothing" that is $150+ dollars, use the most generic and non committal sizing possible? One companies A4 (Gamness) is another companies A3 (Koral). Worst of all is the gi companies claim that I am "in between sizes" or that somehow it is my fault I have long arms. Please show me these hordes of 5'5" people with size 48 waists, or the 6'4" beanpoles that are snapping up gi's like no tomorrow

According to the companies I have spoken with, I am not "average" size. I am 6"1 (185cm) and 240lb (109kg) with a "athletic" build for my height and weight.I wear a size 38 pant waist.  My long arms and broad shoulders (and chiseled jaw) have gotten me into trouble again.

I also commit the cardinal sin of drying my gi's in the dryer. I know, strange right? How dare I not want to turn my apartment into a "gi drying farm" once a week I mean, who doesn't love large jiu jitsu uniforms draped over every piece of furniture in the house?

My rant today is all because of Isami. I recently got promoted to blue belt, and as a reward for myself, I thought I would buy myself a little something with some money I pooled together from Christmas. The Isami Bjj gi looked like the way to go. It is raved about, is as soft as a bathrobe, and fairly rare (at least around here).

I looked on www.chokesports.com and found their sizing guide.  I measured and measured, and figured out that I would be a size 7 top and 6L pants. Then I noticed that they ship out of Europe and the dream ended. I don't want to pay half the cost of the gi in shipping.

After some more searching, I came across www.fightersmarket.com whom also sells Isami. unfortunately the sizing chart I am presented with looks like this...

I am 240 which means an A5, but I am also 6"1 which means an A4. I have long arms which would lean me towards an A5. but I have a relatively small waist which would lean me to an A4 (Isami's are "baggier" by fit). I asked Chokesports.com what size their 7 would be (A5?) I also asked Fightersmarket.com if they could compare sizes for me and have not heard back....

At $270+ taxes and shipping in, it had better be the best gi I have ever owned... Period

I will update when I know something more...

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