Jan 6, 2012


I read an interesting comment on a forum (the source escapes me) that you can train for competition or for "mastering the art". I train for mastering the art, believing that there is something I can find deep in myself while I train that I would not be able to uncover otherwise.

In this forum comment, it was stated that too many people are being promoted, because they are learning "competiion jiu jitsu" and that while they have a killer guard game, they couldn't hit a double leg if their life depended on it. It was surmised that you shouldn't be promoted unless your game is well rounded. A blue belt with no takedowns in their game, isn't a blue belt at all. I found myself grudgingly agreeing with that statement.
 You see, I can hit a double leg....just not very well.. In fact, the whole takedown section of my game, is severely lacking. I pledge to make it right, and bring back some of the balance in my game. I will work on my takedowns...

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