Jan 5, 2012

Rickson and Rigan

Master Rickson (pronounced "Hickson") shares a special place in my training and my philosophy behind Jiu Jitsu. I read all that I can regarding Rickson seminars, and have watched all the youtube video's I can find. He is notoriously tight lipped about sharing content of his seminars, and there is better footage of Bigfoot out there than there is of any of his teachings. I have never been given the opportunity to attend a seminar, and I train under a completely different lineage.

So why? What is it about him?...

One simple fact, the reactions of people who attend his seminars and train under him lead me to believe he is something special. something beyond a mastering of techniques.

Each "first hand" account of a seminar always talks of the simplest of techniques, that have revolutionized their game. Techniques such as the armbar from guard and the upa are covered in such detail, that they take on new meaning and become instantly on a different level in the practitioners game. Exciting stuff if it is true. What am I not learning? What are these key details that I am missing?. Black belts come away from seminars with Master Rickson completely blown away. It is thought their game has completely changed in one two hour seminar.

I hope to find out one day.

Perhaps the greatest thing Master Rickson represents to me, is technique. If you learn a technique on a close enough level, it becomes unstoppable by anyone. His technique is so refined that it transcends his peers.

During the Erik Paulson seminar, I respectfully asked Erik "Is Master Rickson really as good as they say he is?" His instant response was "Yes, although Rigan Machado is on that level as well"

I can't wait for Professor Rigan to come to our school.

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