Jul 17, 2013

Laercio Fernandes Seminar

Laercio Fernandes seminar yesterday at Breaking Point MMA...(all week in fact, but I can only attend Tuesday's class)

The Cobrinha "Cobra"

Laercio taught the beginner class at 6:00pm and showed a few key details for armbar from the guard as well as an interesting way to transition into the triangle. I find each time I see a high level guy doing these basic techniques, I see some little detail that makes me say "a-ha"!

In the advanced class at 7:00pm we learned a few high level guard passes from when your opponent has the DLR hook in. I think slowly my comfortability with the DLR hook is getting better.

Instead of rolling we did a "shark tank" with 5 or so guys starting from guard, and the rest of the class lining up on the wall waiting their turn to have a chance to pass their guard. I started on the mat and had a fairly good string of sweeps going. The highlight was hitting an omaplata from guard.. I think it is the first time I have sub'ed someone from an omaplata. Definitely a high point for my BJJ game this month...


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