Nov 27, 2013

Las Vegas Trip; OTM, WAND, and TUF

I just got back from a vacation in  faboulous Las Vegas..

I went and checked out OTM fight shops and met Scott the owner while there. Cool guy, lots of knowledge and cool stories. The place was full of BJJ stuff. It was cool being able to compare, touch, try on, and wear different gi's back to back. Most times we just click an order button and hope for the best.

After OTM I went and checked out Wand fight team. Wanderlei wasn't there, and the gym was pretty empty. It is cool to see all of the original Pride trophies and other cool memorabilia. I did see this on the wall and though it was cool. worth a read..

So.. I guess don't be any of those guys...:)

And finally I went to the super not-so-secret location of  "The Ultimate Fighter". (hint here) It was cool to do a quick drive by on it. I think they were training inside as there were the sounds of kicking pads and other MMA related noises.

The signs say Coach Edgar and Coach Penn..:)

Now to go hit the mat and try and knock off the accumulation of fat from all-you-can-eat-buffets.


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